Most of the fairings
are available directly
from the warehouse
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We have a wide selection
of spoilers for different
models of trucks.
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We produce side skirts
absolutely for all types
of wheelbases
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We produce fairing
according to individual
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Why do you need it?


Our spoilers improve aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption by 5-7%.


Modern design combines perfectly and improves the appearance of the tractor truck.


We use only high-quality materials in production, that is why our spoilers ideally protect the fuel tanks.


Our product complies with all European safety standards.

We manufacture spoilers for any length of wheelbase for following models of the tractor trucks.


Most of the fairings are available directly from the warehouse. We produce spoilers according to individual orders to satisfy any and every demands of our customers.

Our company offers the manufacturing and placement of advertising on tractor trucks and semi-trailers.


In our car service center, body repair and restoration of all parts of the tractor and semi-trailer are carried out, as well as pre-sale preparation of objects.

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