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Gone are the days when the spoiler for a tractor was a luxury. Now it is a necessity. But everyone, as it was before, has a question, where to get them at an affordable price?

And you are in the right place!

A bit of history

In the early 2000s, my father and I had a VolvoFH tractor. As true car enthusiasts, we wanted to make our truck exclusive in every possible way. Once my father learned that there are side spoilers for the tractor, which radically change the appearance of the car and at the same time save fuel, as well as protect the fuel tanks. However, to get these spoilers was almost impossible. And if we did find them, the prices were sky-high.

Therefore, we decided to make them on our own. By trial and error method, we achieved our goal and made our first spoilers. On the very first trip, we saw that the fuel consumption had significantly decreased, and the envious glances of other drivers we met on the way had increased a hundredfold. Our friends, motorists, seeing our car with side “skirts”, of course, wanted the same for themselves. So it all began.

Side skirts for trucks fuels tanks

We manufacture spoilers for any length of wheelbase for following models of the tractor trucks.

Our main goals

Strength, ease, beautiful appearance, reasonable price.

Work with us

DAF, Volvo, Girteka Logistics, Kreiss

Our passion, with which we work on the appearance of the car, did not stop only on the production of spoilers. Now we are developing new technologies for the production of side skirts for semi-trailers, as well as for upper and side spoilers for the tractor cab of all models.

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